Soccer TV US

for iPhone

Never miss your favorite team's match

The best way to organize your football evenings! Let me explain why Soccer TV is the app for you.

Cloud Calendar
Likes Scores
User Rankings
Playlists Personalization

Take control - Display what interests you

Your calendar is unique, your choices, your competitions, your channels, your settings offer you the information you want directly! You will have a different experience with Soccer TV.

iPhone with an Up next screen

Inform yourself of live scores

Soccer TV US also offers you the possibility of seeing the scores. You can't always have a TV available, no problem, with Soccer TV, you always stay up to date with the progress of a match that interests you!

iPhone with a resumeable screen

Choose & View - Rankings

Seeing the scores without the rankings would be incomplete, right? View the ranking of the championships of your choice. Top scorers & best passers are also in the game!


Prepare your football evenings in advance. Have an eye on the calendar for the next few days to organize yourself! And add a notification to make sure you don't miss anything!

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